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Daar wordt aan de deur geklopt, hard geklopt, deur kapot.

Temp offline due to more extensive testing. Gonna try firmware update, own network reboot, etc. Srry AC Ryan for giving this product the finger, without having used my other fingers first…

We got approached at work to become a distributor for this brand which I never heard of : A.C.Ryan. Apparently they make Media Centers and so-called Media Hubs. My boss knew I’m kindof a sucker for these things and I got two things with me for testing purposes at home. A.C.Ryan Veolo Smart Android Hub […]

While I was away on this site, the following stuff happened (not necessarily in that order) : Wife was expecting a baby Completed a LEGO PC ( Seen 3 colleagues leave work. Some of which I’d rather not have seen leave. My white Xbox360 crashed and I had to buy the new black one. Huzzah, […]

With me being a fan of the Metal Gear game series, combined with the fact that today is Easter, an Easter Egg compilation of stuff to be found in these games series was to be expected : Metal Gear Solid : Metal Gear Solid 2 : Metal Gear Solid 3 : Metal Gear Solid 4 […]

After tweaking the previously written code a little, I came out with the below code. As a small help, I’ll explain what’s going on here (other than the comments in the actual code) : The G1 script : the Sleep() loop is written in order to be able to use the ‘break’ function by pressing […]

After wandering around for 6 days in New York City, I decided to ask a bold question at Nintendo World, NYC ( whether or not they were playing Dragon Quest IX as intense as I was playing it. Soooooo…. all employees available at that time came up with their Nintendo DS’es, instantly in DQ9 and […]

Captain’s log, August 28, 2010… a day to look back upon. A short recap on what happened : Steve’s side : woke up at aunt Diane’s place waaaay too early, photographer arrived waaaaay on time Had some Nintendo DS session for about 1,5 hours before, during and after breakfast Luxury car drive to the flower […]

When making a Remote Desktop Connection through MSTSC (Microsoft Terminal Services Client) on a Windows 7 computer to a Windows 2008 server, I recently experienced the following annoying symptom : Even though in the settings for the saved .RDP connection file, I stated ‘the credentials for this connection are allowed to be saved’, the actual […]

What a moment of boredom cannot do ;)… Some of these proverbs are literally translated from Dutch, so most of them might not exist in English : —– The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill (“Het gras is altijd groener aan de overkant“) : document.getElementByID(Valley[1][‘grass’]).color > document.getElementByID(Valley[0][‘grass’]).color; —– A donkey […]