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Well, whaddayaknow! A new post on this blog site! It’s almost as if you’d think I don’t have enough time left to sit behind my computer and type a wall of text!? TRUE! It’s a symptom called ‘children’ that’s causing this lack of concentration for longer than 5 minutes. Aaaaanyway, I got myself this very […]

FTP exists exactly 40 years today (SAT april 16, 2011). The protocol which is used to up- and download from and to a server was presented by a student of the American university MIT. The protocol is still often used today. US student Abhay Bhushan called to life on april 16 1971 the first standard […]

Right… So, I’m a complete Linux noob, yet was able to follow instructions in the internet in order to install a fully working NAS that holds shitloads of funtionality. Torrent server Media server, that also works with Playstation 3 and Xbox, and which is available from my smartphone in order to have streaming music in […]

VICTORY!!11ONEONE!ELEVEN Finally got this fricking Google maps with multiple layers thingie to work. After cracking my head on some stupid Javascript error (that’s what you get when you write in Notepad instead of some auto-correcting program), layers started being assholes by randomly appearing and disappearing when activating the select buttons on the top right of […]

When working on a Google map with several friends, we encountered a big issue : at a certain moment, the map started to no longer show us the extra pinpoints we made to it.

Thanks a lot Boe¬≤, for getting me addicted to this… Browser game not unlike Travian, in which you have to build a city in order to gain a big army, harvest stuff, an d conquer dungeons and map-dwelling enemies. Mildly entertaining, however, since I’m a sucker for these kind of games…. for more info […]