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First of all, a big ‘Fuck You‘ to all people who have called my employer or me personally to deafen me whilst shouting that it’s not normal to have viruses on their computers, and that it’s our/my fault that this happened. YOU are responsible for the stuff that happens on YOUR computer !! I don’t […]

Over the years in my career as a helpdesk/field technician, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on the subject of computers in general and I dare call myself an allrounder when it comes to solving computer-related problems of any form. I’m not saying I’m a n°1 expert on any field, but my IT-related educations and […]

I recently bought myself a cheap android tablet. As technical kinda guys are, they want to get the most out of their product, so I started fiddling around with it. First of all : base specs of the machine. Brand : Novitab Android 4.0 ICS “GetJar” marketplace 10.1″ capacitive display cortex A8 1.2Ghz cpu 1GB […]

Finally, the building has started… Check pics below for the first draft of the power supply-hut Quite self-explanatory, I guess. Building took about 2 hours (including searching through a bucketload of bricks) Next : the mainboard !

As promised yesterday, some pictures included of the stuff going to be thrown in the big LEGO blender. If for whatever reason the ‘full’ pics when clicking on the thumbnails, aren’t big enough :

HUZZAH ! After a small amount of time waiting for my new tiny Intel mainboard to arrive, I got started on the first steps of building a brand new LEGO case. If you don’t know what LEGO is, stop reading, and take your time machine (preferably a DeLorean powered by a blender of some sort) […]

Due to certain limitations in an android phone, combined with my limited knowledge of a Linux operating system, I decided to change the look, feel, startup speed, file access,… of my HTC Desire (first gen). This troublesome task was a true pain in the ass for the unexperienced Android Flasher that I was/am. If ever […]

FTP exists exactly 40 years today (SAT april 16, 2011). The protocol which is used to up- and download from and to a server was presented by a student of the American university MIT. The protocol is still often used today. US student Abhay Bhushan called to life on april 16 1971 the first standard […]

Cause I’m a versatile guy (and I was bored cause nothing was on TV), Photoshop was upon me just a second ago. Not having any inspiration whatsoever, I decided to “animyze” a persons picture. You know… make the eyes bigger etc… just like in an anime. Anywayz, here’s the result and the original pic (I […]

some ass : “I see you’ve copied the Final Fantasy 7 map from my website to yours. Please remove it as it’s copyright ME”. me : I see you’ve copied the Final Fantasy 7 map from Prima’s Strategy Guide, a book you can buy for about £25. Could you provide me with a Photoshop or […]