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Well, whaddayaknow! A new post on this blog site! It’s almost as if you’d think I don’t have enough time left to sit behind my computer and type a wall of text!? TRUE! It’s a symptom called ‘children’ that’s causing this lack of concentration for longer than 5 minutes. Aaaaanyway, I got myself this very […]

I recently bought myself a cheap android tablet. As technical kinda guys are, they want to get the most out of their product, so I started fiddling around with it. First of all : base specs of the machine. Brand : Novitab Android 4.0 ICS “GetJar” marketplace 10.1″ capacitive display cortex A8 1.2Ghz cpu 1GB […]

Due to certain limitations in an android phone, combined with my limited knowledge of a Linux operating system, I decided to change the look, feel, startup speed, file access,… of my HTC Desire (first gen). This troublesome task was a true pain in the ass for the unexperienced Android Flasher that I was/am. If ever […]

Gard g-g-g-gard. That being said, by popular demand, I bring you a new list of must-haves for the Android (2.1 and higher – sorry owners of a 1.6, buy a real Android phone next time) Some of the items covered here, were already mentioned in an older post, but still remain one of the better. […]

Right… So, I’m a complete Linux noob, yet was able to follow instructions in the internet in order to install a fully working NAS that holds shitloads of funtionality. Torrent server Media server, that also works with Playstation 3 and Xbox, and which is available from my smartphone in order to have streaming music in […]

Title says it all. This morning, I got a fun call from a friend of mine (thanks, Soggney ;)) telling that Google finally completed its navigational software, and with Dutch voices included !! So there I went, instantly downloading Google Nav on the Android Marketplace only to become even more stunned of the magnificent fluent […]

For those that read my daily/weekly spam, you might have noticed I have bought a HTC Desire. For those that have a HTC Desire, you will agree with me that except for doing your dishes, this little wonder can perform A LOT of tasks. EXCEPT ONE THING A NORMAL PHONE DOES !!!! *dum dum duuummm* […]

VICTORY!!11ONEONE!ELEVEN Finally got this fricking Google maps with multiple layers thingie to work. After cracking my head on some stupid Javascript error (that’s what you get when you write in Notepad instead of some auto-correcting program), layers started being assholes by randomly appearing and disappearing when activating the select buttons on the top right of […]

Recently a friend of mine got an LG GW620 phone with Android 1.5 on it for only €1. Being the cheerful girl she is, there was instant unpacking and instant playing around in the OS. After getting hold of the phone myself for a second, I noticed a weird thing. No matter what we tried […]

Another Android adventure brought me to some fun software called Waze. Waze is GPS software that holds the ‘major roads’ by default, and allows users to build their own streets, by driving though them in a ‘create-a-street-mode’, in which the software draws a line where you actually drove, thus creating the street. I’m not really […]