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Triple hooray ! A long awaited game has hit the shelves and I happen to own the 15th Anniversary Edition since last week. As you guessed (by the title probably) I’m talking about Gran Turismo 6 for Playstation 3. Although I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, and am kind of biased, […]

In addition to my previous post on (which you should read if you’ve never seen or heard of a LAN party), here’s a little follow-up on the currently-played games and often-used software, in order to prepare you for the better LAN party experience. Over the years, the LAN party scene has evolved quite a bit. […]

For those if you who didn’t know it yet, Microsoft gives away (yes, for free) some of their top Xbox360 titles for Xbox gold members. More info on for instance As can be seen in this article, the first free game is Fable III which is available as a free download in order to […]

Some of my personal friends know it already… there’s a new woman in my life. Her name is Eve (not not “Eva”, sorry girl). After having a long-term relationship with her for over a couple of years, we broke up, because we lost interest in each other. That, and my wife found out Eve and […]

Yo. It’s come to my attention recently that the ageing process of a gamer, combined with certain events in his social life, does indeed affect the amount and type of games one plays. Only last week, I discovered I wanted to play a deliciously awesome game : “Skies of Arcadia” (available for SEGA Dreamcast and […]

I recently bought myself a cheap android tablet. As technical kinda guys are, they want to get the most out of their product, so I started fiddling around with it. First of all : base specs of the machine. Brand : Novitab Android 4.0 ICS “GetJar” marketplace 10.1″ capacitive display cortex A8 1.2Ghz cpu 1GB […]

PEW PEW LASER! Ever thought “that is one difficult top view shooter”? Well, think again… Radiant Silvergun is a vertical scrolling shooter, made by the awesome people known as “Treasure” . Having made a lot of awesome stuff in the past (see Wiki link by clicking the word “treasure” above), Radiant Silvergun was one of […]

Currently, as we speak type, the official start is being held of my very own LAN party. YEAY Zuperlan II (the first one was more of a get-together, but still lots of fun) will not host a kitchen service though. That’s reserved for Zuperlan 3 : “Bigger and Better”, but people can still buy beers […]

Finally, the building has started… Check pics below for the first draft of the power supply-hut Quite self-explanatory, I guess. Building took about 2 hours (including searching through a bucketload of bricks) Next : the mainboard !

As promised yesterday, some pictures included of the stuff going to be thrown in the big LEGO blender. If for whatever reason the ‘full’ pics when clicking on the thumbnails, aren’t big enough :