Monthly archive: May 2010

VICTORY!!11ONEONE!ELEVEN Finally got this fricking Google maps with multiple layers thingie to work. After cracking my head on some stupid Javascript error (that’s what you get when you write in Notepad instead of some auto-correcting program), layers started being assholes by randomly appearing and disappearing when activating the select buttons on the top right of […]

Feeling kinda crispy today, as my deliciously soft skin got kinda sunburnt. This is what happens when I get out in the sun without a hat/sunblock/black man holding palm leaf/… In other news, the multiple map layers thingie I’ve been working on, if I can spare some time, is starting to get some shape. Starting […]

No further comment needed :p

A very awesome machine, this printer is… I’m not gonna give you the tech specs on this thing. Check for that. HOWEVER…. *dum dumduuum* As you can see there is an (optional) 530 paper tray with storage cabinet below this printer. And that’s where this story will lead to. After having installed this printer […]

When working on a Google map with several friends, we encountered a big issue : at a certain moment, the map started to no longer show us the extra pinpoints we made to it.

Recently a friend of mine got an LG GW620 phone with Android 1.5 on it for only €1. Being the cheerful girl she is, there was instant unpacking and instant playing around in the OS. After getting hold of the phone myself for a second, I noticed a weird thing. No matter what we tried […]

Just giving you the info straight from the proverbial horses mouth. Thank God I’m somewhat of a blind typer, since my eyes have some nice infection… It seems to be the result of a ‘simple’ throat infection which grew into a lung/throat and eye infection. At least I can play games now (that do not […]

Apparantly today’s International Monthy Python Day Just letting you know This date is based on the 35th anniversary of the first release of Monthy Python and the Holy Grail movie in the United States.

Thanks a lot Boe², for getting me addicted to this… Browser game not unlike Travian, in which you have to build a city in order to gain a big army, harvest stuff, an d conquer dungeons and map-dwelling enemies. Mildly entertaining, however, since I’m a sucker for these kind of games…. for more info […]

Spreek je later… Het originele filmpje. Click ‘related videos’ om alle leuke parodieën hierop te zien