Monthly archive: June 2010

Anyone got the ringtone starting from ‘YEAAAAHHHHHH’ ? *EDIT* : The wonders a Youtube downloader and a little program called Audacity can do. Ringtone get ! Won’t Get Fooled Again <– Ringtone

*Based on a real life story* When upgrading an old Exchange 2003 server to a somewhat less older Exchange 2003 SP2 and you suddenly decide “Hey , i want to have a form of Push mail for my mobile users”, well…. basically you’re fucked…. as it will not work ‘out of the box. Recent experiences […]

Title says it all. This morning, I got a fun call from a friend of mine (thanks, Soggney ;)) telling that Google finally completed its navigational software, and with Dutch voices included !! So there I went, instantly downloading Google Nav on the Android Marketplace only to become even more stunned of the magnificent fluent […]

For those that read my daily/weekly spam, you might have noticed I have bought a HTC Desire. For those that have a HTC Desire, you will agree with me that except for doing your dishes, this little wonder can perform A LOT of tasks. EXCEPT ONE THING A NORMAL PHONE DOES !!!! *dum dum duuummm* […]