Monthly archive: July 2010

From ages of old, the everlasting (or so it seemed at that time) battle between the 2 corporations Squaresoft and Enix over who released the better Role Playing Game on a home game console had been going on. Especially in the Japanese part of the world, where Enix was on equal level with Square. Europe […]

When making a Remote Desktop Connection through MSTSC (Microsoft Terminal Services Client) on a Windows 7 computer to a Windows 2008 server, I recently experienced the following annoying symptom : Even though in the settings for the saved .RDP connection file, I stated ‘the credentials for this connection are allowed to be saved’, the actual […]

Based on a true story. Ah whatever, I’ll just give you the real story A customer of ours has an old NT 4.0 server and a bunch of Acer laptops. One model, the Aspire 5760 something-something was recently reinstalled due to virus issues (Conficker2 among others). After a smooth and full reinstall of XP SP3 […]

What a moment of boredom cannot do ;)… Some of these proverbs are literally translated from Dutch, so most of them might not exist in English : —– The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill (“Het gras is altijd groener aan de overkant“) : document.getElementByID(Valley[1][‘grass’]).color > document.getElementByID(Valley[0][‘grass’]).color; —– A donkey […]