Monthly archive: October 2010

After tweaking the previously written code a little, I came out with the below code. As a small help, I’ll explain what’s going on here (other than the comments in the actual code) : The G1 script : the Sleep() loop is written in order to be able to use the ‘break’ function by pressing […]

Between all other gaming frenzy and visiting FACTS convention (, a friend of mine pointed this pearl out to me. It’s SUPER MEAT BOY on Xbox Live Arcade (and if you hurry it’s only 800 Microsoft Points on the Marketplace). If you’ve played N+, another wonderful Flash-game on XBLA, you’ll surely love this as basically […]

Time-consuming as the game Minecraft is, I decided to get myself some time off, while still creating large buildings and structures in this addictive sandbox game. For years, I’ve had a Logitech G15 keyboard and done nothing much with it, except for binding the special G-keys to shortcuts in the game EVE-Online in order to […]