Monthly archive: August 2011

Currently, as we speak type, the official start is being held of my very own LAN party. YEAY Zuperlan II (the first one was more of a get-together, but still lots of fun) will not host a kitchen service though. That’s reserved for Zuperlan 3 : “Bigger and Better”, but people can still buy beers […]

Finally, the building has started… Check pics below for the first draft of the power supply-hut Quite self-explanatory, I guess. Building took about 2 hours (including searching through a bucketload of bricks) Next : the mainboard !

As promised yesterday, some pictures included of the stuff going to be thrown in the big LEGO blender. If for whatever reason the ‘full’ pics when clicking on the thumbnails, aren’t big enough :

HUZZAH ! After a small amount of time waiting for my new tiny Intel mainboard to arrive, I got started on the first steps of building a brand new LEGO case. If you don’t know what LEGO is, stop reading, and take your time machine (preferably a DeLorean powered by a blender of some sort) […]

LAN parties…. You might have heard of them before, and maybe want to attend one (or preferably more) in your lifetime. In case you don’t know what a LAN party is, I’ll give you a brief rundown : First of all, the abbreviation “LAN” stands for “Local Area Network“. LAN parties basically consist of a […]