After playing a while (yeah, I have the cell phone for a few days now, on the contrary to my WordPress), with Andoid, there’s a nice list of downloadable applications (some more useful than the other)  I’d like to share with other Android users, or in this way pushing other cell phone users to maybe consider Android.

  • AndroidVNC - so you can control your VNC hosting PCs
  • Barcode scanner (comes standard with Android 2.1 on HTC Desire)
  • BatteryTimeLite – gives you a real good overview of the remaining battery life, according to what you do with your phone. It gives you a countdown time for ‘idle mode’, ‘surfing’,…
  • CoPilot Live - Really good GPS software at an affordable price. Helpdesk responds within the day, mostly.
  • Fring - Combines a load of communication programs into one (Skype, MSN, Gtalk,…) woth the ability to use more than one of each type. One downside : it requires a Fring account, so this probably means they proxy all messenger programs onto their own server and sed them to the Fring user)
  • Google Goggles - Take a picture of something and Google will try and find what it is.
  • Layar - Augmented reality. Uses GPS and compass in order to stick extra layers on top of your standard camera view, such as Wikipedia entries near you, local food stores, Android applications Installed nearby,…
  • Linda Manager - cause Android doesn’t have a good file browser
  • Parallel Kingdom – GPS game, addictive as hell? Build flags, houses towns and claim real land in a virtual world.
  • Shazam - Hear a tune on the radio and don’t quite know the title? Hold Shazam to the speakers and *SHAZAM* (yeah cheesy, I know…) it looks up the song and replies with the title and artist name
  • Transdroid - control your torrents running at home from your cell phone. You can also add new torrents from your phone. Now supports barcode scanning for all your special needs

Oh and if you’re from Belgium and have Telenet Digital Television at home, I also suggest adding an internet shortcut on your desktop to , as starting a few days ago, you can now program your DigiCorder over the internet. Veeeeery handy for when you’re out of the house and suddenly realise ‘OMG, I forgot to program the Corder so my favorite movie can get recorded’

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