It’s come to my attention recently that the ageing process of a gamer, combined with certain events in his social life, does indeed affect the amount and type of games one plays.
Only last week, I discovered I wanted to play a deliciously awesome game : “Skies of Arcadia” (available for SEGA Dreamcast and Nintendo Gamecube).


…only to come to the conclusion I didn’t feel like hooking up my Dreamcast, with the sole reason that this game did not support Achievements, like those on the Xbox360 (or the lesser popular Trophies on Playstation 3).
That very same second of realisation, an instant change of mentality occured, after which the urge to actually play good games and not to care about what others can see, rose.

And THAT’S when it struck me : write memoires and entertain others with your gaming history !

“WHAT THE FUCK, ZUPER! Don’t go all scoobie-doobie-doo on us!”

- Too late, it’s started…

*fuzzy image and mysterious sound*

It all began during the European release of the SEGA Mega Drive somwehere near the end of 1990. My younger nephew – with a bigger allowance than myself at that time … hell … he even earns more money than me right now :p – got hold of a Mega Drive with Sonic The Hedgehog.
It was love at first sight (with the console, not my nephew…), and the urge to buy a SEGA product was created.
Thank you, consumer market.

If you stop reading by this time, having your dream shattered in which I’m the ultimate Game Guru who grew up as a baby lying amidst mainboards and playing the original Pong as a toddler, then I apologize.
I believe that part of my gaming addiction/affinity has to do with the fact that I discovered the world of video games at a later age.

Anyway, slightly after the nephew incident, I tricked my parents into buying me (gifting me as a New Years present) a SEGA Master System II. The mutual agreement to which we came had to do with the allowance thing, mentioned above, and the Master System I (the one that allowed the Card System) was already a discontinued product.
A black-and-white 12 inch TV set which had been sitting around the house was instantly claimed for my personal entertainment, and for the first time in my life as a gamer (I was already 13 at that time – much older than the average gamer nowadays – and “thenadays” ) I could experience the crappy controls of the rectangular SEGA Master System controllers.

Blisters later, my best friend at that time (still is a good pal by the way) got himself a MEGA Drive as well.
Trumped again.

Ah well, at least I got two nearby people that had a 16-bit console, providing easy access for me, so the urge to buy a MEGA Drive for myself wasn’t really present.

Saving up every penny Belgian Frank for a second hand Master System game, I discovered the wondrous world of  video rental stores that also sold second hand video games.
For a 13-year-old at that time, my games collection increased in numbers exponentially.
During this period (1991′ish) I also met someone who – at that time – didn’t look important and appeared to be a know-it-all annoying wise-ass, but many years later appeared to be an actual Game Guru, owning a games store and providing me with all my import(ant) game needs. But that’s an other story.

I recall a couple of store names, but not the actual one on the corner of the Kokkelbeekstraat, where I met the above mentioned guru, so if you readers might know which video rental place I mean, let me know, ya?

Ann’s Videoclub (thank you for selling me a 32X) , Superclub  (thank you for my first CD-i experience) and Franky’s Videotheek (thank you for an overall good video and game experience) were some of those popular places at that time.

Master System games like Alexx Kidd in Miracle World, Zillion, Aztec Adventure,  Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 (yeah I have MKII on MS !) are still in my possession today and I don’t regret playing them, as many of those games also linked directly to and from the other hype that crossed Europe at that time : anime (Thank you French TV with your Club Dorothée for getting me addicted like a crack whore to the ever so amazing Dragon Ball cartoon series)


** Pop quiz : did you know that Mortal Kombat was NOT the first game to feature actual in-game blood? Do you know which one it was? **
Let me know in a comment, or through Facebook, if you know the answer.

In any case, it’s 1AM on a week day, so I’m gonna crash now. The Red Bull sugar rush is over.
Stay tuned for more stories from the life of a gamer :)

(did someone say “Spiderman thread”?)

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  1. Whoohoo waar is de tijd. Ff zeggen 86-87 had ik mijn MS en in 92 mijn MD ge weet wel communie en vormsel :) en de videotheek was dat niet ” quality video “

  2. my Pop quiz guess: Prince of Persia (DOS)?

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