For those if you who didn’t know it yet, Microsoft gives away (yes, for free) some of their top Xbox360 titles for Xbox gold members.
As can be seen in this article, the first free game is Fable III which is available as a free download in order to promote the new Games with Gold action by Microsoft.
Be fast tough. The download is available until june 30.

After that, those that got the game for free, will have it ‘forever’. If you didn’t get to download it by then, you’re screwed.

The actual official start date of the Games with Gold promotional  action is set to july 1.
The Fable III giveaway is apparently just a warm-up exercise for Microsoft.

So, what’s the deal with Games with  Gold, then?
Microsoft plans to offer 2 free Xbox 360 games every month, starting every 1st and 16th day of that month.
Official rumors (yes, there is such a thing) state that the first two games that will officially be released, shall be Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3.
Two delicious top level titles.

In similar news: this week  a SEGA deal is launched on the Xbox 360 marketplace. Check it out!
For instance : Virtua Fighter 5 costs 400 credits.

That’s it for now. No pics. No specials.

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