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Please drool on my ever-growing video game collection by surfing to :

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A couple of years ago, I acquired a nifty piece of software (and actually bought it ^_^), from www.collectorz.com

This site hosts a couple of handy collector’s software packages that you can’t go without as a true collector.
Mine’s “Collectorz.com game Collector 5.0 Pro”, being an older version already, but since the newer payment model requires a form of subscription, I couldn’t be arsed with upgrading. Why change a winning team, right?

Screenshot 2014-05-19 22.59.16

Searching games using a barcode scanner

In any case, the software allows you to catalog your games by just scanning the barcodes with a simple barcode scanner (you can even use your smartphone, if you’re that kind of geek) or typing in part of the name.
After that, it searches online for known entries in its existing database. In the somewhat rare yet occurring event that nothing comes out as a result, you’re free to add the info or partial info yourself and update the database yourself.
You can then add pictures from a local resource or go on Google to automatically search for related pictures such as screenshots, backdrops, cover art etc.

Screenshot 2014-05-19 22.57.55

An overview of the main window

The apparent final result is an easily browsable database, that even includes a loan system!
But that’s not where it stops. Collectorz allows you to generate custom HTML template-based webpages, or even entire XML structures for your own webdesign needs.
Being lazy, I chose to pick a slightly moderated HTML template, which you can see on my actual game page itself.

Screenshot 2014-05-19 23.07.45

Exporting to a universal format

Not bad for a 5 sec. template…

Screenshot 2014-05-19 23.15.51

In any case, if you know of any other good software packages that allow easy adding, preferably by means of barcode, keep me informed, by writing in the comments below or texting me on Facebook. I want to hear about your collecting experiences as well.
Experimental dump-all page created on http://www.zupertails.be/collectorz/longindex.html by the way.
Other dump-all page for mobile use : http://www.zupertails.be/collectorz/shortindex.html.
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