Title says it all. This morning, I got a fun call from a friend of mine (thanks, Soggney ;)) telling that Google finally completed its navigational software, and with Dutch voices included !! So there I went, instantly downloading Google Nav on the Android Marketplace only to become even more stunned of the magnificent fluent […]

For those that read my daily/weekly spam, you might have noticed I have bought a HTC Desire. For those that have a HTC Desire, you will agree with me that except for doing your dishes, this little wonder can perform A LOT of tasks. EXCEPT ONE THING A NORMAL PHONE DOES !!!! *dum dum duuummm* […]

Another Android adventure brought me to some fun software called Waze. Waze is GPS software that holds the ‘major roads’ by default, and allows users to build their own streets, by driving though them in a ‘create-a-street-mode’, in which the software draws a line where you actually drove, thus creating the street. I’m not really […]