Gard g-g-g-gard. That being said, by popular demand, I bring you a new list of must-haves for the Android (2.1 and higher – sorry owners of a 1.6, buy a real Android phone next time) Some of the items covered here, were already mentioned in an older post, but still remain one of the better. […]

Right… So, I’m a complete Linux noob, yet was able to follow instructions in the internet in order to install a fully working NAS that holds shitloads of funtionality. Torrent server Media server, that also works with Playstation 3 and Xbox, and which is available from my smartphone in order to have streaming music in […]

For those that read my daily/weekly spam, you might have noticed I have bought a HTC Desire. For those that have a HTC Desire, you will agree with me that except for doing your dishes, this little wonder can perform A LOT of tasks. EXCEPT ONE THING A NORMAL PHONE DOES !!!! *dum dum duuummm* […]

Recently a friend of mine got an LG GW620 phone with Android 1.5 on it for only €1. Being the cheerful girl she is, there was instant unpacking and instant playing around in the OS. After getting hold of the phone myself for a second, I noticed a weird thing. No matter what we tried […]

After playing a while (yeah, I have the cell phone for a few days now, on the contrary to my WordPress), with Andoid, there’s a nice list of downloadable applications (some more useful than the other)  I’d like to share with other Android users, or in this way pushing other cell phone users to maybe […]

Huzzah! I finally bought an Android-powered phone. After having had some fun in dual-booting my Windows Mobile phone (HTC Diamond) using Gen-Y boot manager and an Android boot image I found through , it was decided that an Android based phone could not remain all too far away. Eventually it became the HTC Desire , […]